Q: Can you use this material for exterior and Interiors?
A: Yes, the stone is ideal for both applications.

Q: Can I use this material for a patio floor?
A: It would not be recommended. The variation in the stone depth would make a very uneven surface. Using as a flooring would also void the warranty on such an application.

Q: Can I use this stone as facing on our new fireplace?
A: Absolutely. This material looks great on a fireplace. The natural stone qualities works excellent for chimneys and outdoor kitchens as well.

Q: Is this product as heavy as natural stone?
A: No, the beauty of cultured stone is the lightweight material used in the manufacturing process. In turn you have minimum weight on your house.

Q: What type of structure do I need behind the stone?
A: You can use many different types. A solid plywood wall, block wall, poured concrete wall, or superior wall. Different types of substrate will effect the install process. Some surfaces will require wire mesh fastened to the surface before applying the stone.

Q: Can I buy just the stone, or do you only sell what you install?
A: You can purchase the stone and install it yourself, but we are unable to offer any warranty on the installation.

Q: Is it recommended to use a sealer on my stone?
A: Yes. Using a sealer is important to insure the natural color and beauty of the stone.